Kaoutar Benmakhlouf

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Kaoutar Benmakhlouf has graduated from ENAC as an engineer in Space and Aeronautical Telecommunications in 2020. She obtained her master degree in Aerospace systems-Navigation and Telecoms at the same university in the same year.In June 2019, she joined "Parthenope" University of Naples for a 4 month internship. She worked on robust estimators for GNSS positioning, mainly on the Least Median of Squares (LMS).In March 2020, she joined Telespazio France for a 6 month internship, to work on the estimation of Multipath and Ionospheric errors' for a GNSS reference station. She is currently an R&D engineer at CELAD, working on behalf of the CLS group on the impact of the space weather on GNSS receivers : the prediction and the estimation of scintillation indexes from GNSS and ISM data. 

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