TME - Processo Automatico per l'Implementazione di Tecnologie per la Mobilità Efficiente Navale

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PON I&C 2014-2020, di cui al D.M. 5 marzo 2018 Capo III

"Inglese: The TME project has as its purpose the development of a process technology capable of achieving, with the minimum contribution of the design engineer, the automation of production processes. The T ME project intends to work on the development of the production process of retrofitting boats with Dual Fuel and hydrofoil technologies through the use of equipment equipped with sensors for the law of data, software and specific algorithms. The project aims at a high level of automation of the entire retrofit process of boats, from the acquisition of geometric and center of gravity data of the vessels, to their use for the processing of projects and to the processing of kits that will be automated everything in order to minimize the contribution of the design engineer, moreover it also intends to automate all the experimental aspects for the acquisition of navigation performance and to automate the processing of documentation for the certifying body. The process involves an initial cognitive phase of the vessel to which structural and engine changes are to be made. Once the hull of the boat has been analyzed, a software will process a parameterization of the sheets based on the structural characteristics of the vessel. This will allow to draw up structural calculations of the sheet appendages applied to the hull. The structural and engine analysis will also make it possible to identify the possible Identities for the retrofit installation of the dual fuel / hybrid system. The analysis and control software must at the same time identify the best configuration for installing the foils. The survey data will allow to automatically formulate the design data of the new hulls with retrofit foil, useful for producing the documentation for the purpose of obtaining the homologation certificate from the reference bodies. "

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